Sprint Pressure Washers are perfect for small cleaning jobs around your home and garden, providing a dependable source of power that responds when you need it.

Sprint 2300 Electric

SKU: 020708
  • CE Compliant Yes
    Maximum water pressure (PSI)* 2320
    Maximum water pressure (Bar) 160,0
    Maximum water flow rate 480,0
    Power (watts) 2500
    Spray Tips/Nozzles 2 Spray Nozzles
    Spray Nozzle Tips Turbo Nozzle with Quick Connect
    High Temperature Thermal
    Pump Type Axial Cam
    Hose Length (m) 8.0
    Cable Length (m) 10.0
    Wheel Style Integrated
    Handle Fold-down handle
    Weight (kg) 12.8
    Length (cm) 51
    Width (cm) 37
    Height (cm) 51

    Consumer Warranty

    (product) **

    2 Years Limited
    Projects Outdoor Surfaces, Paint & Graffiti,
    Lawn & Garden Equipment,
    Housing Exteriors, Motorcycles,
    Vehicles, Boats
    Brand Name BriggsAndStratton

    * Allowable Pressure and Max Flow per EN 60335-2-79:2012
    ** See Operator's Manual for complete warranty details.

additional $125 for set up and Pre-delivery